About the Owner

Beauty By Mi'Chel was created by licensed Esthetician, Mi'Chel Bombshell, from Kansas City, MO in December, 2017. Mi'Chel has always had a passion for business growing up around her entrepneur parents, specifically the business of asthetics. Her mom, being a licensed Cosmetologist and beauty salon owner herself, whilst her father was a local real estate mogul owning everything from apartments, houses, restaurants, to bars. Upon her father's untimely passing she decided to follow in her parents footsteps of entrepreneurship, and with her sisters later created an online boutique, amongst other businesses. Today those businesses are now closed, but the experience brought her to where she is today with the success of Beauty By Mi'Chel.

Beauty By Mi'Chel is a thriving company located in Atlanta, GA, that provides aesthetic services from makeup to spa, and sells luxury cosmetic products. Mi'Chel prides herself on the quality of her products and the success of her business. The future of Beauty By Mi'Chel will continue to grow to a bigger level each year, as Mi'Chel continues to give it her all every step of the way, never taking 'NO' for an answer!